Build a pitch
people remember

Storymakers is an app to pitch your ideas
using a 3-step storytelling method

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This is what we do

Create all types of presentations
with Storymakers

A teaser
for your next event
or product launch

A success story
your team-mates or
clients will remember

A demo
for your new prototype
or innovative idea

Even your reports
deserve great

Make your own pitch

To always make
convincing presentations:

Use the 3-step FAST DESIGN Canvas

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3

Never make a boring PowerPoint presentation again!
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Follow a 6-hour hands-on workshop
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Come along with a project or idea you want to explain clearly and live a unique experience crafting your pitch with us.
Create a convincing pitch for
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Discover all you need to know about the power of storytelling and the impact of design to build a pitch with a powerful message.
Learn a method you can reuse
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Master the Fast Design Canvas to get to the point quickly and make presentations people remember.
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The story behind Storymakers.

At Storymakers, we hate long and boring presentations.

We believe that with the right tools and method, EVERYONE can build a great presentation with a powerful message.

We have one mission: to get your ideas out into the world and give them more impact. This is what drives us each day.

With us you will get two things: simple tools and simple instructions to build your presentation step by step. That’s all you need.

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